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Winter Race Series, 2003

Results posted in the XRL Forum

Summer Race Series, 2002 + Race #5

Posted Aug. 25, 2002 by CorB

Race #5 went off smoothly and resulted in some close racing. Skudooer showed some speed and ended up only 0.625 point behind at the end of the night. Sledchris cooked his motor in his win in a practice race, and had to call it a night. 13 "PB" were set.

Season #2 interesting race facts;
-We had 6 different race winners: CorB ( 11), Powder (11), Micha (8), Ace (4), Skudooer (4), and Vai-racing with 2 wins.
-Ace earned the most points in one race (47.3)
-Micha had the best average point / race(s) (40.3)
-Powder had the most wins in one night of racing (6 / 8)
-But I won the overall (164.25 pts) woohoo!!

Thanks to those who were able to make the races. Hopefully we will have some more organized online racing soon.

           Race 1	Race 2	Race 3	Race 4	Race 5	Total
CorB	39.75	39.5	22.875	37.5	24.625	164.25
Powder	30	30	27.75	34.375	0	122.125
Micha	39.75	43.875	0	37.5	0	121.125
Skudooer	27	31.25	0	28.125	24	110.375
Vai_racing	0	31.375	0	22.5	18.875	72.75
Ace	47.25	0	0	0	0	47.25
V-tech	26.25	0	0	0	0	26.25
Sledcris	0	0	18.375	0	2.5	20.875
Triple-X	0	9	0	0	0	9

For now on the results will be posted in the XRL Forum, and like always, emailed to the members.

Winter Race Series, 2002

For now on the results will be posted in the XRL Forum, and like always, emailed to the members.

Bosston                 =301
CorB                      =278
1ACE1                   =260
Micha11                 =257
Beethoven               =147
Vai_racing               =115
Skudooer                 =86
Powder580               =59
Dowe 	               =53
Matsu12      	=34
Krisse		=2
Teamarctic550	=1
Mozzmann29  	=0 

Bosston once again finished on top of the podium and claimed the overall
championship.  1ACE1 and Dowe battled for second, with Dowe setting a 
couple of WR.  The rest had some inconsistent finishes and could not 
challenge Boss for the overall.

Bosston (1,3,3,3)(1,3)=58pts.
1ACE1 (4,4,1,2)(3,4)=53pts.
Dowe (3,2,4,1)(7,2)=53pts.
CorB (6,1,5,7)(4,1)=48pts.
Micha11 (2,8,2,6)(2,5)=45pts.
Skudooer (dnf,5,7,4)(6,6)=31pts.
Vai_racing (5,7,6,8)(5,8)=28pts.
Beethoven (8,6,8,5)(8,7)=26pts.

Some fast racing on 2 of the longer tracks where “tress” played a part 
in the finishes, but CorB dominates  :o   and finally knocks the Finns 
off the top of the podium.  Only Bosston Race WR runs were able to prevent  
“the sweep”.    Bosston and Micha11 once again battled hard, with Bosston 
coming out on top (2nd).  1ACE1 had some consistent races but did not seem 
to adjust to the tracks and ended up 4th.  Beethoven and Skudooer showed 
some strength with some early fast laps, but had a few low results put 
them down in the points.  Vai_racing once again showed up later and 
never really showed the speed that we are used to (7th).  

CorB (2,1,1,1)(2,1)=74pts.
Bosston (1,2,2,4)(1,3)=61pts.
Micha11 (4,3,5,2)(3,2)=49pts.
1ACE1 (3,5,3,5)(6,4)=40pts.
Beethoven (5,6,4,3)(5,5)=38pts.
Skudooer (6,4,7,6)(7,8)=28pts.
Vai_racing (dns,7,8,7)(4,7)=27pts.
Matsu12 (7,8,6,8)(dnf,6)=14pts.

Race 3
Micha11 strong heat races once again proved difficult to over come and 
game him a 12 pt lead over ACE after 4 races.  Bosston picked up his 
pace to finish (2,1) in the final 2 races, but it was not enough..
In a surprise move, Beethevon strategy of conserving energy on Jukkasjarvi 
and racing hard on Shattered Bridge earned him his first heat win and a 
well deserved 4th overall.

Micha11 (1,1,2,2)(3,5)=62pts.
1ACE1 (3,3,1,5)(1,4)=55pts.
Bosston (2,5,4,3)(2,1)=53pts.
Beethoven (6,2,7,1)(8,2)=46pts.
CorB (4,4,3,4)(4,3)=44pts.
Powder580 (7,6,5,6)(7,7)=28pts.
Vai_racing (dns,dns,dns,dns)(5,6)=27pts.
Skudooer (5,7,6,7)(6,8)=27pts.

Race 2
For the second week in a row, 1 point decided the overall winner. 
This time it was Bosston's strong heat finishes that made the difference 
and was enough to hold off the hard charging 1ACE1. 

Bosston (1,3,1,1)(3,3)=66pts.
1ACE1 (4,1,2,2)(1,1)=65pts.
CorB (2,2,3,3)(2,2)=56pts.
Micha11 (6,4,5,4)(6,4)=37pts.
Beethoven (5,5,4,5)(5,5)=37pts.
Matsu12 (3,8,6,7)(4,x)=20pts.
Krisse (dnf,6,dnf,6)(dnf,dns)=2pts.
Skudooer (7,7,7,dns)(dnf,dns)=0pts

Race 1
Congrats to Micha11 for taking the overall win. Bosston took the 
points lead after the 4 Qualifying Heats but Micha11 (2-1) finish 
in the 2 Final Races moved him ahead of Bosston (1-3).

Micha11 (2,3,2,1)(2,1)=64pts.
Bosston (1,4,1,3)(1,3)=63pts.
CorB (4,1,4,2)(3,2)=56pts.
1ACE1 (3,2,3,4)(4,4)=47pts.
Vai_racing (5,5,5,7)(6,5)=33pts.
Powder580 (6,6,7,5)(5,6)=31pts.
Teamarctic550 (x,7,6,x)(x,x)=1pts.
Mozzmann29 (7,8,8,x)(x,x)=0pts.

Practice Race 1 - Jan. 7, 2002   Practice Race 2 - Jan. 12   Practice Race 3 - Jan. 20
1. Bosston   1. Imac (2-1)   1. CorB
2. AMA_X   2. AMA_X (3-3)   2. Bosston
3. CorB   3. CorB (1-5)   3. Imac
4. Hawk   4. Skunk (8-2)   4. Powder580
5. Imac   5. Powder580 (5-4)   5. Via_racing
6. Powder580   6. Micha11 (4-6)   6. Micha11
7. Skunk   7. Krisse (6-7)   7. 1ACE1
8. Herkules   8. Tradinpaint (8-8)   8. Krisse
9. via_racing        

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